Camp Cope

Founded in Naarm/Melbourne over home job tattoos, Camp Cope – Georgia Maq (songwriter, vocals, piano, acoustic & electric guitar), Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich (lead bass guitar) and Sarah Thompson (drums & percussion) – have been a force since the release of their debut S/T album (2016).

Their critically-acclaimed follow-up How to Socialise & Make Friends (2018) debuted at #6 on the ARIA Charts with incredible international acclaim including NPR (“Every unpolished moment stuns with turn-of-age earnestness”), New Yorker (“The words, as raw as the band’s nervy energy, spill out as though she’s been holding them in forever”) and The Guardian (“In 20 years, young women especially will approach her and thank Camp Cope for encouraging them to pick up a guitar and tell their own stories”).

In 2022, Camp Cope announced the release of the third album, the eagerly-anticipated Running with the Hurricane. As Maq described it, “The first record was us diving into whatever Camp Cope created, the second album was us when we were in the thick of it, and then this album is about how we’ve come out the other side. And we’ve come out stronger, more loving, more peaceful and better friends.”

Running with the Hurricane breathed growth for the trio, both personally and professionally, and saw the band older, wiser, and more at peace with the world. Running with the Hurricane reflected on faltered romances, secret crushes and vibrating with the confidence that makes you feel like you’re on fire. 

It’s about taking comfort in knowing who you are, feeling yourself and returning, always, to the city of Naarm/Melbourne. If Camp Cope’s self-titled debut was the spark, and How to Socialise & Make Friends was the fire, Running with the Hurricane is Camp Cope in the calm after the storm.

Camp Cope burned bright for eight years, but their legacy will live on for decades to come – from Footscray Station to the world.


– Ellie Robinson, NME

Camp Cope perform “The Opener” | Live at Sydney Opera House

Announcing their final shows in early 2023, Camp Cope officially cemented their legacy as one of the country’s most powerful and vital bands, having used their music to urge their legions of followers to speak their truth, to stand up for their beliefs, and to fight injustice and create change where needed.

After eight years as prominent game-changers of Australian music, Camp Cope have more than ensured their place in both local and international music history.

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