Elizabeth captures the reckless thrill of romance like no other. On her debut album The Wonderful World Of Nature, she stepped away from a messy divorce like a world-weary heroine pulling herself from the wreckage of a car crash: broken glass shining like glitter, bloodstains smearing like blush.

Contrasting lush dream-pop haze with visceral, disarmingly truthful lyricism, it was a pop record out of time — glamorous and tragic, ultramodern and undeniably timeless, a queer answer to nihilistic, powerfully feminine pop heroes like Lana Del Rey and Lorde.

In 2022, Elizabeth returned with her Suite of Singles; three interconnected singles and videos that expand and complicate her richly alluring world. This time around, her music was animated by a jolting electronic pulse – a current of icy trap drums and unearthly vocal samples that firmly placed the indie ingénue in the world of contemporary pop music.

It was a dramatic, exhilarating change of pace that stood in stark contrast to a new wrinkle that’s emerged in Elizabeth’s music: A new understanding that anyone — including oneself — can change.

Although Elizabeth’s vices remain the same, the protagonist of these songs is far less willing to burn it all, more beholden to other lives and her own happiness, more instinctively aware that nihilism is a dish that only serves one.

Gauzy synth and shoegaze guitar… finds a space between the haze of Cocteau Twins and the clarity of Top 40 pop.


– The Saturday Paper

Elizabeth – Happier Now (Official Music Video)

Working with names such as Tones and I collaborator Konstantin Kersting, Alice Ivy, and Holy Holy’s Oscar Dawson, these songs saw Elizabeth find power in her own self-determination. Although each song was made with a different producer, ‘Happier Now’, ‘Sweet Connection’, and ‘If You Died’ form a cohesive whole without detracting from their individual power.
Recalling electro-pop heroes like Robyn and Troye Sivan, these love songs refused to gloss over the ugliness of desire, even as they exalt its beauty. In many ways, they comprise a perfect sequel to The Wonderful World Of Nature: the sound of a heart mending, rather than breaking.

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